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Description: A High-Quality grain based muesli horse feed formulated specifically to restore condition on horses. Weight Gain is a complete feed enriched with high levels of vitamins & minerals & should be fed with adequate roughage

Ingredients: Barley, Canola Meal, Legume Hulls, Canola Oil, Cereal Grains, Protein Meals, Limestone, DCP, Mag Oxide, BNTN, Salt, Teese High Spec Vitamins & Minerals (nutritional Analysis table at bottom of page)


Weight Gain is a high-energy supplement based on a high fat content (7.5%)
Moderate Starch Levels (21%), which means that it must be fed with adequate fibre
The inclusion of bentonite will slow the rate of digestion and improve the utilisation of all feed
The protein level of 14.4% is at a level that will build muscle and restore condition
The Weight gain is fortified with a high level of vitamins and trace minerals, which are associated with maintaining good health and fertility

Recommended feeding Levels

2 to 4kg per head/day with an average of 3kg/day – (“General average only” for 400-600kg horse) . Please refer to the reverse of our feed bag or the table below for a guide on feeding levels. The information provided on this table is for use as a guide only.

The levels of feed will always depend on the condition and work load of the horse, stage of pregnancy, lactating feeding a foal, horse size, condition and class of the horse you are feeding.

Current paddock condition, quality & season change of pasture should also be taken into consideration and the individual dietary requirements of the horse. All feed should be fed to suit your individual horse requirements and if in doubt seek advice from the manufacturer or your vet.