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Wide base and teardrop shape tank design for maximum stability.
Durable reinforced hose.
Full range of service kits & replacement parts available.
Viton equipped ProGrade Sprayer for maximum chemical resistance.
Professional shut-off handle with comfort grip, trigger lock, nickel plated poppet and filter.

Designed for accurate application of chemicals and supplied standard with four different nozzles, the Silvan ProGrade viton equipped sprayers are ideal for applying herbicide, pesticide, fertiliser, disinfectant and degreaser.

4 nozzles included: Foaming nozzle delivers greater weed killing results; Standard size nozzle holder allows common alternative nozzles to be fitted; Adjustable brass - easily adjusts from pencil stream to fine mist for a variety of applications; Low volume fan - for foliage or confined areas; High volume fan - for broad coverage or large areas like lawns.