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ProForce Onset 10GR is a granular pre-
emergent herbicide containing the active
ingredient Prodiamine (10g/kg). It is registered
for the pre-emergent herbicidal control of
a broad range of grass weeds including
Barnyard Grass, Crabgrass & Summer Grass,
Parramatta Grass, Rats Tail Fescue, Crowsfoot,
African Love Grass, Bahiagrass, Kentucky
Bluegrass, Paspalum and Wintergrass.
ProForce Onset 10GR is registered for use on
established turf of the following turf species;
Bahiagrass, Buffalo, Carpetgrass, Common
Couch, Hybrid Couch, Kikuyu, Queensland
Blue Couch, Seashore Paspalum and Zoysia.
Onset 10GR Herbicide is coated on a 200SGN
(2mm) dust free, silica granule. The granule
contains 26% Plant Available Silicon. Silicon
has proven links in abiotic stress management,
nutrient uptake improvement and cell wall
conditioning, as well as known benefits of
increasing turfgrass wear and reducing drought

Key Features
> Granular formulation – convenient, easy to apply
and spread, reduced drift and concerns around
off target movement.
> Broad spectrum pre-emergent grass weed
> One of the few pre-emergent herbicides
registered for the control of Parramatta Grass,
Rats Tail Fescue, Paspalum and African Love
> Strong activity on Crowsfoot, Crabgrass and
Summer Grass.
> Non-scheduled chemistry – safer to handle and
use in public spaces.
> Excellent residual performance – up to 6 months.
> Delivers available silicon to the soil. Improves
stress management, nutrient uptake, cell wall
strength and turfgrass wear.

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