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Oreco Pine Shavings Animal Bedding is produced from unused Queensland plantation pine. We repurpose the logs that are unable to be milled due to their shape or size, shave them through our industrial log shaver, and repurpose the dried shavings into the perfect bedding and ground cover solution for all types of animal housing.

Oreco Pine Shavings are incredibly soft and absorbent, making it the ultimate bedding choice for all animals great and small, including horses, goats, cattle, pigs, chicken and more. Our premium Pine Shavings absorb large amounts of moisture and heavily reduce odours, while creating a comfortable, dry and warm bed for your furry, feathered or fluffy friends.

Our repurposed pine logs are shaved, dried and baled at our factory. Once the logs have been shaved, they are dried through Australia’s biggest agricultural dryer. This rapidly and precisely reduces the moisture content to a specified and consistent level. After the drying and dust extraction process, the product is baled and sealed for freshness.