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NoMoz Mosquito Larvicide Pellets 15g

NoMoz Mosquito Larvicide Pellets 15g is a commercial-grade product that professionals and homeowners use to control the mosquito population. The active ingredients are thanks to Prolink, a superior active constituent that contains S-methoprene. This active simulates the growth-regulating hormone of insects and helps by avoiding reaching maturity. Furthermore, as an insect juvenile hormone analogue (JHA), the active substance directly affects the reproducing process by lowering it to a minimum. Nomoz Mosquito Control Pellets offers a long-lasting effect for up to 6 months and allows versatile placement for domestic and commercial environments.

(S)-methoprene is a true analogue of the mosquito’s own juvenile hormone. During the fourth larval instar, juvenile hormone (JH) levels drop to very low levels. NOMOZ®, when applied into the larval habitat, releases (S)-methoprene which artificially maintains the JH levels at a higher than normal levels. The higher than normal level during the later instar stages prevents the insect from developing into a normal pupa. Mortality occurs during the emergence of biting adult mosquitoes.

Unlike conventional pesticides, (S)-methoprene is not a direct toxin. It is target-specific and does not harm mammals, waterfowl, or even beneficial predatory insects. In fact, methoprene has been recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the use in drinking water supplies to control container-breeding mosquitoes in developing countries.

By working specifically on fourth instar mosquito larvae, NOMOZ® offers effective control without upsetting the food chain relationships between larvae and their natural predators. And, most importantly, without impacting non-target species.

Each 15 gram pack of NoMoz comes with approximately 80 pellets.

Best in class professional larvicide.
Active: S-methoprene
Environmentally Friendly, non-toxic
Controls a wide variety of mosquito species.
Easy to use pellets
Long-lasting (6-months)
Group 7A
Colour: Dark grey to black
Provides control over fly larvae that are resistant to synthetic pyrethroids.
Can be used indoors as well as outdoors


Pot plant holders
Roof gutterings
Watery locations.

How to use:

Identify infested area;
Place pellet into a container filled with water;
Avoid any sediment coverage of the container;
Use 1 pellet for small containers with a volume of a maximum of 1 litre;
Use 1 pellet per litre or square feet to assure control for up to 3 months;
Use 3 pellets per litre or square feet to assure control for up to 6 months.

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