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Designed to communicate with the horse with basic training, learning the gaits, transitions and obedience.

- Dressage legal
- Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallowing.
- Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure- working mostly off the tongue. Myler bits distribute tongues pressure more evenly than traditional designs.
- Features the Myler "pinch and restrict with release"- the bit collapses on the sides of the bars and comes down into the tongue. When the horse relaxes in the poll, the pressure is released. The horse then learns to come into the "comfort zone".
- This bit is suitable for starting and educating young or green horses, and can also be helpful for retraining the horse that has become a little heavy in the hand. It is certainly well suited to the horse that has a very fat tongue and crowded mouth conformation, such as very bulgy cheeks.