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A spray on bandage for horses, cattle, poultry, dogs & other pets & Animals

in-silver is a convenient and water-resistant aerosol aluminium bandage used as a protective barrier against external irritants on simple wounds (minor cuts and abrasions), in small and large animals.

in-silver's water-resistant and adhesive properties make it an effective alternative to bandaging active animals or those hard to reach places, making it a must have for your medical kit.

To inspect the wound, in-silver can be easily removed with warm soapy water.

Reapplication should occur daily to every 3 days to ensure an optimal bacterial barrier is maintained until healed.

*Large size Coming Soon*
Benefits of in-silver:

Fast, easy and painless spray application
Excellent adhesion
Easily washed off with warm soapy water
Allows wound to oxygenate to aid healing
Helps shrink body tissue and limit bleeding
Can be applied over the top of other topical ointments and applications
Acts as protective barrier to safeguard wound from bacterial contamination (dirt, moisture & insects) reducing risk of infection
Can be used safely on horses, dogs, cats, poultry and other farm animals