Gallagher M300 Fence Energizer

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M300 Fence Energizer G38011

This product controls horse, deer, cattle, sheep, pig and goats This product powers 30 acres (12 hectares) This product has up to 3 joules of power to deliver to your fence

The M300 is a reliable electric fence Energizer, with 3 Joules of stored energy.  Suitable for fencing all types of animal on smaller farms up to 30 acres.


  • Check Energizer performance at a glance using the quick scan output voltage bar graph
  • Easy installation and good connection using split bolt recessed terminals
  • Easy to use, install and service for the first time user
  • Economical, lightweight, modular design
  • Easy to see, green LED confirmation that fence working normally
  • Designed specifically for small farms and paddocks
  • Uses minimal power (5 Watts)
  • Reliable animal control is assured with built in lightning protection
  • Suitable for first time or hobby farmers.


Technical Specifications

Warranty 3 years
Stored Energy 3 Joules
Property Size 30 acres
Single Wire Distance Maximum Length 75km
Multiwire Distance Ideal Conditions 25km
Multiwire Distance Gallagher Recommended 7km
Output Energy 2 Joules
Height 185mm
Width or Length 250mm
Depth 110mm
Product Weight 1.5kg
Watts Up to 5 Watts

Fence Energizer M300