Enmach 3000L/792G Slimline Poly Water Tank

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SLIMLINE WATER TANK – 3000 litre Slimline

Slimline Water tank for water storage and rain water harvesting in applications where space is at a premium. EI Poly water tanks are a one piece construction. Our Water tanks are manufactured from Australian made virgin Polyethylene and are perfectly safe for drinking water. Our slimline water tanks have a 1″ B.S.P outlet that can be inserted anywhere in the tank to allow for greater flexibility when installing the tank. Who knows when it will rain again, install a E.I Poly water tank today to catch every precious drop.

E.I Poly water tanks, Clearly a Better Solution..


  • PT3000SL – 3000 Litres / 660 Gallons 2500mm Long x 750mm Wide x 2070mm High

  • Range of Colours Available

  • INLET:  400mm diameter with QLD Health Anti Mosquito regulation S/S Mesh strainer

  • OUTLET:  1″ B.S.P thread moulded into tank, 1″ gate valve supplied as standard
  • OVERFLOW:  90mm Storm water pipe fitting with QLD Health Anti Mosquito regulation S/S Mesh strainer